DC90 Pro for Windows 95/98/NT

Data Collection Program for Infi-90 and Network-90 Control Systems

DC90 Pro is the best product to collect, archive, trend, and analyze data at the click of a button eliminating a major cost barrier in the intricate process of debugging control problems.


Improved Data Collection Capabilities

The Tag Selection Editor allows users to configure up to 1500 Tags for data collection. The user can customize the data collection process and send the tag data to different data files. Each data collection group can be tailored to suit different set of requirements.

Improved Trending Capabilities

The DC90 Pro allows the user to configure multiple trend graphs containing up to 12 tags each. Like in most windows applications, users can have all ten graphs open at the same time displaying "live" data. Each graph allows users to scroll back in time, to view data that was collected at an earlier time, without interrupting the data collection process.

Enhanced Graphic Utilities

The DC90 Pro entitles users to retrieve, graph, and print previously collected data. Users can configure graphs using any of the selected tags. Each graph may contain up to 12 traces (tags) which can be independently scaled. The graphics output shall be sent to either the screen, or any windows compatible printer.

Improved Ease of Use

The DC90 Pro conforms to the consistent look and feel of windows applications. Menus, tool bars, and icons provide users with an easy to use, intuitive interface and configuration environment.

DC90 Pro Graph Screen

Configuration Environment
Data Collection Capabilities
Interfacing Capabilities
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System Requirements

 Using DDE

 Installing Sentinel Key Driver for Windows 2000

More than a program, the DC90 Pro is a trouble-shooting tool to assist engineers and specialist in the complicated process of debugging control problems. The use of this program saves valuable time while making data acquisition and analysis more efficient.

The DC90 Pro combines the most intuitive visual configuration tools with the unrivaled performance of a powerful engineering application.

Interfacing PCs with Control Systems has never been easier!.

DC90 Pro Demo

You may download a functional demo of the DC90 Pro program. The demo is transferred as a Self-Extracting ZIP file. After you download the demo, execute the DC90Zip.exe file. This file expands to the setup files needed to install the DC90 Pro. Once you have expanded the ZIP file, run SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions on the screen. If you prefer, e-mail us your name and mailing address to support@more-engineering.com to receive a free copy of the demo program on disk.

Press SHIFT and Click here to download a functional demo of the DC90 Pro (3.9M):

DC90 Pro Demo
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