Configuration Environment

The DC90 Pro represents the next generation of data collection programs. It fully integrates with the Infi-90® and Network-90® Control Systems to provide a method for data collection that is unattended and completely automatic. The use of a consistent look and feel interface makes it easy for users to move from one screen to the next by just pointing and clicking.

The Tag Selection Editor offers a powerful, yet very simple interface that enables users to select up to 1500 tags for data collection. In addition the DC90 Pro supports having separate data collection groups of tag data. This feature makes the data collection process highly efficient and guarantees a maximum performance. Data is sampled only when needed and the resulting data collection files are more meaningful. Users will have the most up-to-date information on the control tags, data that is compelling as well as informative.

The Graph Selection Editor will entitle users to create up to ten trend graphs containing up to 12 tags each. This feature is designed and engineer to present users with a graphic representation of "live" data.

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